Will You Be My Escort by Meg Harding



Rating: 3.5

Note: Complimentary copy provided by author for honest review

When I first started reading Will You Be My Escort I wondered what I had gotten myself into. My biggest issue with this story is that it is told in present tense. For me, present tense stories are hard to stay interested in because in my mind I am constantly trying to edit them into using past tense verbs. It distracts me to say the least. Had it not been for the present tense narrative, I’d have happily gave this story at least a four star rating.

Will You Be My Escort has an interesting plot and that alone kept me wanting to find out what happened. I really did like the characters of Jackson and Aaron, and wanted to see what happened between them. Not only are the main characters likable, but I really enjoyed the parts played by secondary characters such as Georgina (Jackson’s sister) and Tristan (Aaron’s friend and Georgina’s boyfriend).

There were parts of this story that I had troubles with, but overall it was an enjoyable read as I waited to see what Aaron and Jackson would make of the situation that Jackson’s lies to his mother put them in. Both Aaron and Jackson make mistakes that they have to try to overcome, but the way the author wrote them, they were endearing. So many authors try to make their characters flawless, but it is those flaws that give the story life, and this author managed to do that.

While there were a few typos that I spotted, they weren’t enough to really affect what the author was trying to portray. While this story isn’t one that will be on my re-read over and over again list, that is simply because of the present tense narrative. Overall, the plot line makes for an enjoyable read and one that I would suggest to other readers, providing they don’t mind present tense narrative.